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PHP & Databases (MySQL, SQL, Access)


Validate Credit Card

Only numberical digits are valid. All alphanumberic or alpha characters will return invalid.

Letter Grades

Validate Credit Card

Checking letter grades using checkGrade. Type in one of the grades which the echo should match below:
"A" = "Your grade is excellent"
"B" = "Your grade is good"
"C" = "Your grade is fair"
"D" = "You are barely passing"
"F" = "You failed"

Telephone Directory

Create Directory

You may add information to the directory by filling out the form. You entry will be placed within the directory which is sorted by name. Please do not fillin real contact information. This particular form just captures users entries

Restricted Telephone Directory

Restricted Directory

You must login to create a directory. You may register or use login: tester password: tester. Once you have logged in, click the Admin Homepage link to visit directory. In this directory, you may delete or add a contact, view all records or list by state, name or id number. Please keep all information professional and nonconfidential.